Where do I submit evidence?

Where do I submit evidence?

To submit evidence go to the My Challenges section on the website or app.

On the app, log in, and click on My Challenges in the left menu. On the Website click on My Account --> My Challenges.

Scroll down to the challenge you are looking to add evidence for.

Click the 'Submit Evidence' button.

Enter the distance you are submitting in Miles, KM or in Steps. (If you are doing a personal target challenge tick the Personal Target box)

Add your evidence.

Click Submit

The percentage, distance, time will update instantly.

Once complete it will move to the bottom of page under the Completed section.
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    • Do I have to do a challenge all in one go?

      No you can do all our challenges in parts, submitting evidence as you go. If there are any exceptions it will be stated in the challenge. We do ask for bigger challenges where you are submitting screenshot or pictures from trackers that you use a ...
    • What activities can I do?

      You can complete our challenges in a number of ways. This includes; Running Walking Swimming Cycling Rolling Scooting ( for the kids and big kids) Cardio equipment such as treadmill, stationary bike etc) Rowing If it is not on the list but you can ...
    • Can I submit evidence from the beginning of the year?

      Yes you can submit evidence before a challenges starts or before you have joined. So for example if you took part in the 1000 mile challenge any evidence from the year of the challenge (2022 as this is written) would be acceptable even if you joined ...
    • Can I submit evidence early?

      Yes you can. You can submit evidence from the time you sign up. Please read the challenge information carefully as this will explain the deadlines and the date medals will start to go out. Please read this information. 
    • Can I use the same evidence for different challenges or use the same activity across two challenges if the total covers both challenges?

      Lets take this in two parts: 1. Using the same evidence for two challenges. For example a 5KM run for two 5Km challenges. So this one is personal, we want our medals to be motivating and help you push yourself. If you are using the same evidence to ...