Where can I update my address?

Where can I update my address?

If you need to update your address for an existing challenge please use the contact button next to your order on My Orders page and let us know the new address for the challenge.

You can create a new shipping address for future order at My Address and this will be used on future orders. You can also update this during the checkout process..

If you have completed a challenge early then please make sure you inform us of any changes needed before we send the medal. Once the medal is sent we may not be able to send another medal. If the medal is returned to us we will resend, this may be subject to further shipping fees. Lost medals can be replaced without the need to complete the challenge again at £5.00 per medal plus shipping.
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      We send the evidence received and shipping emails via noreply.medalmad.com. This email address is used as the emails are automated. They are always sent by the system. However due to the large number and repetitive content they can be seen by some ...
    • Can I see what images I have submitted?

      Unfortunately this is not a feature we have. With several hundred submissions every day and some challengers uploading 100+ images for a challenge it would not be feasible to have that data shown to a user on demand, it would take down our server. ...
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      Key Points From Our Terms and Conditions. Entry fee is for entering the challenge. The medal or any other reward is not purchased at this point. Only challenges successfully completed will receive a medal. Evidence MUST be submitted before the ...
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      To submit evidence go to the My Challenges section on the website or app. On the app, log in, and click on My Challenges in the left menu. On the Website click on My Profile --> My Challenges. If on a mobile please click the three line menu button to ...
    • How do I see friends updates?

      Once you have added a friend or follower you will see their updates in your challenge feed automaticlaly.  From there you can give them a thumbs up and send words of support by commenting.