When Will Your Medal be Sent

When Will Your Medal be Sent

Medals are sent from the start date of the challenge. Please refer the the sign up page if you have not yet submitted evidence.

When you submit evidence the shipping start date for the medals is provided in the evidence received email. If you have submitted evidence early this will be the earliest date it will go out, though not the actual date as it depends on the number of early submissions.

If you have submitted late the challenge is not deemed to have not been successful and no rewards are sent.

For more info on our shipping please read below.

Here at MedalMad we post out four times a week - A Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

We aim to verify evidence in 72 hours (Mon-Fri) and then your medal is sent via Royal Mail. You will get a shipping email when your medal is ready to be sent.

Any evidence submitted Thursday (after 11am) Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be verified and despatched out on the following Monday.

Your medal is then sent when your challenge is live, all this information is on the page where you signed up. Please note if you are late submitting your evidence and completing your challenge the medal will NOT be sent. Fee is for entry and not buying a medal, just like a real race if you do not turn up you do not get a medal.

Medals are sent second class via Royal Mail. They aim to deliver within 3-7 working (mon-fri), but this can take up to 10 working days to get to you. But it can be next day as well. Please get in touch if you have not received your medal after 14 working days (Mon-Fri). (UK only, for international see below).

Medals are shipped out as large letters and any charms/stones as a letter - please bear in mind letters seem to arrive sooner than the large letters do - so if you do receive your charm before the medal - don't panic! 

International Shipping

We ship internationally this can take 14 - 28 working days to get to you depending where you are in the world. We do not offer a tracked service as to keep the costs of shipping down for our challengers.

In South America, Middle East and parts of Asia it can take up to 2 months, but normally a lot quicker. As such we will only provide replacements after this time period. The delivery time is based on local post and we are not able to change this.

In Europe and the rest of we will only send replacements after 28 working days from dispatch.

For the US, Canada and ROW we will only send replacements after 35 working days.

Make sure to join the collection version of any of our sets/challenges that are in parts to save on postage costs. 

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