What Evidence Can I Use?

What Evidence Can I Use?

There are ots of ways to submit evidence, it is one reason we use an uploads system as it is the quickest, easiest and most flexible way. Below are some options on what to us as evidence for you virtual challenges and how.

  1. Screenshots from your favourite distance tracker app, like Strava or MapMyRun. Great thing is you can add them as you go, or use a weekly or monthly summary.
  2. Screenshots from Fitbit or any other step based app.
  3. Screenshots from your phones inbuilt tracker
  4. Photos of running or fitness watches, such as Garmin or Fitbit,
  5. Race results
  6. Park run times
  7. Personal diary/log - if tech is not your thing or for swimming if that is your chosen activity.
If you are still struggling but really want to do a challenge then get in touch. We can find a way for you to take part and ensure that your medal is sent out on completion to reward you for your hard work.

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    • Can I Email You Evidence?

      We do not normally accept email evidence. This is because we are not able to guarantee we will receive the email and many features of MedalMad are triggered as you submit via the app or website. These cannot be replicated by us completing your ...
    • When will my progress be added?

      Your distance and progress bar will update instantly on you submitting your evidence. If neither update please try again making sure you only add numbers or decimal points into the distance boxes. If the distance updates but the percentage does not ...
    • Where do I submit evidence?

      To submit evidence go to the My Challenges section on the website or app. On the app, log in, and click on My Challenges in the left menu. On the Website click on My Profile --> My Challenges. If on a mobile please click the three line menu button to ...
    • Can I use the same evidence for different challenges or use the same activity across two challenges if the total covers both challenges?

      Lets take this in two parts: 1. Using the same evidence for two challenges. For example a 5KM run for two 5Km challenges. So this one is personal, we want our medals to be motivating and help you push yourself. If you are using the same evidence to ...
    • Can I submit evidence early?

      Yes you can. You can submit evidence from the time you sign up. Please read the challenge information carefully as this will explain the deadlines and the date medals will start to go out. Please read this information.