What activities can I do?

What activities can I do?

You can complete our challenges in a number of ways.

This includes;
  1. Running
  2. Walking
  3. Swimming
  4. Cycling
  5. Rolling
  6. Scooting ( for the kids and big kids)
  7. Cardio equipment such as treadmill, stationary bike etc)
  8. Rowing
  9. If it is not on the list but you can evidence the challenge is complete then please let us know.

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    • Do I have to do a challenge all in one go?

      No you can do all our challenges in parts, submitting evidence as you go. If there are any exceptions it will be stated in the challenge. We do ask for bigger challenges where you are submitting screenshot or pictures from trackers that you use a ...
    • Where do I submit evidence?

      You can submit evidence on the website in your My Challenges section or by using the MedalMad app. On the website log in and click on My Account ---> My Challenges. Then you can upload your evidence against your challenge. Please only enter numbers ...
    • Can I use the same evidence for different challenges or use the same activity across two challenges if the total covers both challenges?

      Lets take this in two parts: 1. Using the same evidence for two challenges. For example a 5KM run for two 5Km challenges. So this one is personal, we want our medals to be motivating and help you push yourself. If you are using the same evidence to ...
    • Can my kids take part?

      All ages can take part. We have some challenges which we think due to theme or distance are great for kids, but they can do any they like. We do have an option for them to create a MedalKids account of their own. This works in the same way as a ...
    • What can I use points for and how do I earn points?

      Points are earned by completing challenges. You points are added to your account on completion of a challenge. You can use these points in the MedalMad shop, please note this is separate for our Join a Challenge page. You can use potins to save ££££ ...