My progress/distance is not being added?

My progress/distance is not being added?

When submitting your distance please only use numbers and decimal points. Adding any letters will stop the distance being added.

If you are submitting step only use full numbers like 4000 not 4.000. The conversion is instant in the KM box so if that does not look right re add your steps before submitting.

If your distance is being added but percentage is not changing please contact us.

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    • When will my progress be added?

      Your distance and progress bar will update instantly on you submitting your evidence. If neither update please try again making sure you only add numbers or decimal points into the distance boxes. If the distance updates but the percentage does not ...
    • My Progress percentage or distance completed is incorrect, what can I do?

      If you have entered an incorrect amount or it does not seem to add up to you can simply add any missing distance without evidence. We only see the same progress percentage you can so we cannot advise as to why it is incorrect, but it does not affect ...
    • My Distance is being added but my percentage does not change?

      Please make sure you are using numbers and a decimal point (decimal point is a full stop i.e . ) and not a comma when entering your distance.
    • How do I see the progress bar with my friends on it?

      Log into the app. Go to My Challenges. Scroll down to the challenge. Click on the location ICON (upside down teardrop). The progress bar will appear with up to 20 fo your friends.
    • I have added the wrong evidence?

      Please do not worry! Just add the correct evidence on your next submission. If you have completed the challenge then you can email it to us at with your order ID as well. Please provide order ID as we will ask for it whcih will ...