My Progress percentage or distance completed is incorrect, what can I do?

My Progress percentage or distance completed is incorrect, what can I do?

If you have entered an incorrect amount or it does not seem to add up to wyou can simply add any missing distance without evidence. We only see the same progress percentage you can so we cannot advise as to why it is incorrect, but it does not affect your challenge.

You can either;

1. Add missing distance to match the evidence you submitted if the the distance/percentage is less than expected.
2. Add evidence later after your next activity and add the difference if you believe the distance/ percentage is too high.
3. If your phone allows (some Android do not have a minus button, all our test ones do but we have been informed some peoples phone do not) add a minus number to reduce your distance. You can also do this on the website.

Our team only receive your evidence after you have reached 100%.

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