I have not recieved my medal?

I have not recieved my medal?

Firstly please check that your challenge is live. Most enquiries are about challenges where the medal challenge has not yet officially started.

You can find this info by going to the challenge sign up page, checking the evidence received email or during a challenge making note of the under the challenge itself where it states medals 'Sent from".

 If the medals are being shipped and you have received your evidence received email and or shipping email but yet have not medal please create a ticket. Please add your order ID, it will speed up the process to get you your medal.

Please allow 14 working days if you are in the UK.

Please allow 21 working days if in the rest of the world.

Before raising a ticket.
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      We are very sorry if this happens and we will correct this as quickly as possible. Please create a support ticket and include your order ID so we can get this out to you asap.
    • When Will Your Medal be Sent

      Medals are sent from the start date of the challenge. Please refer the the sign up page if you have not yet submitted evidence. When you submit evidence the shipping start date for the medals is provided in the evidence received email. If you have ...
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      Our medals ship to most countries well below the threshold. There are some exceptions and we would advise you check on your local government website for these thresholds. Please note if you place an order for multiple challenges the total cost may be ...
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      We send the medal to the address that is on the account when you submit your final piece of evidence and complete the challenge. You can update this via My Address in the My Account section.  If you have completed a challenge early then please make ...
    • Do I have to submit a time?

      No you do not have to enter a time, it is an optional feture. This is optional and will not affect the release of your medal.