I have missed a deadline and submitted my evidence late what can I do?

I have missed a deadline and submitted my evidence late what can I do?

If you have missed a deadline when submitting evidence please complete the form below. Evidence submitted through the app or website after a deadline has passed is not processed and is removed form our system. It is allowed to be submitted so you can clear the challenge from your live section only.

We cannot guarantee that a medal will be sent as per our terms and conditions but if we can we will still send out your medal.

Factors that may affect you not receiving a medal would be time since challenge closed and stock levels. Please note if we are unable to supply a medal this does not allow for a refund as entry is into a challenge and not to buy a medal, which is outlined on the sign up page and in our terms and conditions.

Please complete the form below.

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    • I am not sure I will meet the deadline for evidence what should I do?

      Please let us know via a ticket with the challenge ID and the date you think you will be able to complete the challenge. You will have to email us when you do so we know to find the evidence as late evidence is not process for verification and does ...
    • Can I submit evidence early?

      Yes you can. You can submit evidence from the time you sign up. Please read the challenge information carefully as this will explain the deadlines and the date medals will start to go out. Please read this information. 
    • Where do I submit evidence?

      You can submit evidence on the website in your My Challenges section or by using the MedalMad app. On the website log in and click on My Account ---> My Challenges. Then you can upload your evidence against your challenge. Please only enter numbers ...
    • Can I submit evidence from the beginning of the year?

      Yes you can submit evidence before a challenges starts or before you have joined. So for example if you took part in the 1000 mile challenge any evidence from the year of the challenge (2021 as this is written) would be acceptable even if you joined ...
    • I have not recieved my medal?

      Firstly please check that it is live. You can do this by going to the challenge sign up page and seeing the date the medals start to go out. This can also be found in the app by using the blue info icon under the challenge medal image. You will also ...