I have entered the wrong time, can this be changed?

I have entered the wrong time, can this be changed?

Sorry the time once submitted cannot be changed. It is hard written in the code of the app and would require a developer to edit. Please check the confirmation pop up, as this is the information that will be submitted and cannot be edited. It will not automatically change after submission.
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    • Do I have to submit a time?

      No you do not have to enter a time, it is an optional feture. This is optional and will not affect the release of your medal.
    • I have added the wrong evidence?

      Please do not worry! Just add the correct evidence on your next submission. If you have completed the challenge then you can email it to us at support@medalmad.com with your order ID as well. Please provide order ID as we will ask for it whcih will ...
    • I have received the wrong medal?

      We are very sorry if this happens and we will correct this as quickly as possible. Please create a support ticket and include your order ID so we can get this out to you asap.
    • Do you ship to the USA?

      We do ship to the USA. Shipping time varies depending on what part but most arrive between 7 and 14 days.
    • Can I submit evidence early?

      Yes you can. You can submit evidence from the time you sign up. Please read the challenge information carefully as this will explain the deadlines and the date medals will start to go out. Please read this information.