I am unable to log in to the app?

I am unable to log in to the app?

Please make sure you have followed the password rules on creating your account. If you are unsure please visit the website and reset the password following the instruction on how to create a password if you wish to use the app, as well as the website.

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    • Where do I submit evidence?

      You can submit evidence on the website in your My Challenges section or by using the MedalMad app. On the website log in and click on My Account ---> My Challenges. Then you can upload your evidence against your challenge. Please only enter numbers ...
    • Where to Find an Order ID or Number

      Please go to My Account --> Challenge orders section on the website to find a challenge order Id or number. You can also find it in your original order email and in the app in the Orders section. You can follow this link and then log into the website ...
    • I have missed a deadline and submitted my evidence late what can I do?

      If you have missed a deadline when submitting evidence please complete the form below. Evidence submitted through the app or website after a deadline has passed is not processed and is removed form our system. It is allowed to be submitted so you can ...
    • Do I have to submit a time?

      No you do not have to enter a time if using the app. This is optional and will not affect the release of your medal.
    • Terms and Conditions

      Key Points From Our Terms and Conditions. Entry fee is for entering the challenge. The medal or any other reward is not purchased at this point. Only challenges successfully completed will receive a medal. Evidence MUST be submitted before the ...