How do I see the progress bar with my friends on it?

How do I see the progress bar with my friends on it?

Log into the app.

Go to My Challenges.

Scroll down to the challenge.

Click on the location ICON (upside down teardrop).

The progress bar will appear with up to 20 fo your friends.
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    • How do I see friends updates?

      Once you have added a friend or follower you will see their updates in your challenge feed automaticlaly.  From there you can give them a thumbs up and send words of support by commenting.
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      If you have entered an incorrect amount or it does not seem to add up to you can simply add any missing distance without evidence. We only see the same progress percentage you can so we cannot advise as to why it is incorrect, but it does not affect ...
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      To fix this issue please try/check the following; 1: You are logging into the correct account, it does happen! 2: You have the new MedalMad app. The old app support ended in 2021. You may be able to log in to this app but you will not see your ...
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      Unfortunately this is not a feature we have. With several hundred submissions every day and some challengers uploading 100+ images for a challenge it would not be feasible to have that data shown to a user on demand, it would take down our server. ...
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      Log into the app. Click on the cog icon on the bottom right of the screen. Click on Points History.