Can my kids take part?

Can my kids take part?

All ages can take part. We have some challenges which we think due to theme or distance are great for kids, but they can do any they like.

We do have an option for them to create a MedalKids account of their own. This works in the same way as a MedalMad account but they are not able to access the social network part of the website. 

If you would like to award medals and rewards yourselves as they complete challenges then we have which offers a range of motivational challenge packs.
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    • What size are the finisher tops / t-shirts?

        Ladies Finisher Vests   Finisher T-Shirts Style is loose fit     Kids Finisher T-Shirts
    • What activities can I do?

      You can complete our challenges in a number of ways. This includes; Running Walking Swimming Cycling Rolling Scooting ( for the kids and big kids) Cardio equipment such as treadmill, stationary bike etc) Rowing If it is not on the list but you can ...
    • Terms and Conditions

      Key Points From Our Terms and Conditions. Entry fee is for entering the challenge. The medal or any other reward is not purchased at this point. Only challenges successfully completed will receive a medal. Evidence MUST be submitted before the ...
    • Can I submit evidence from the beginning of the year?

      Yes you can submit evidence before a challenges starts or before you have joined. So for example if you took part in the 1000 mile challenge any evidence from the year of the challenge (2021 as this is written) would be acceptable even if you joined ...
    • Joining more than one of the same challenge?

      If you join a challenge but would like two or more medals then you can adjust the QTY on any challenge page.  In your account you will only have one evidence submission section, but this will release all medals for that challenge. This is because an ...