Can I Email You Evidence?

Can I Email You Evidence?

We do not normally accept email evidence. This is because we are not able to guarantee we will receive the email and many features of MedalMad are triggered as you submit via the app or website. These cannot be replicated by us completing your challenge for you. If you have no option we will accept evidence via email for a full completed challenge, we will not accept it in parts. However you do so at your risk that your medal may be delayed if we do not receive your email. Please use the support system so you will receive a support ticket whihc you can use as reference if needed. 
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    • What Evidence Can I Use?

      There are ots of ways to submit evidence, it is one reason we use an uploads system as it is the quickest, easiest and most flexible way. Below are some options on what to us as evidence for you virtual challenges and how. Screenshots from your ...
    • I get some emails but not evidence received or shipping email?

      We send the evidence received and shipping emails via This email address is used as the emails are automated. They are always sent by the system. However due to the large number and repetitive content they can be seen by some ...
    • I have added the wrong evidence?

      Please do not worry! Just add the correct evidence on your next submission. If you have completed the challenge then you can email it to us at with your order ID as well. Please provide order ID as we will ask for it whcih will ...
    • I am not sure I will meet the deadline for evidence what should I do?

      Please let us know via a ticket with the challenge ID and the date you think you will be able to complete the challenge. You will have to email us when you do so we know to find the evidence as late evidence is not process for verification and does ...
    • Can I submit evidence early?

      Yes you can. You can submit evidence from the time you sign up. Please read the challenge information carefully as this will explain the deadlines and the date medals will start to go out. Please read this information.