App Won't Upload Or App Crashes

App Won't Upload Or App Crashes

If you have just completed your run, walk, swim, cycle etc and you are trying to submit your evidence you will see this spinner below. 

Sometimes however it can just stay spinning and not submit. This could be because you have low internet connection, our server is very busy, your images are very large, you are trying to upload a lot of images at the same time or a combination of all of the above. But do not worry. Please close the app and try again later on good internet connection, maybe with fewer images and when our server maybe less busy.

Used our tracker then please screenshot an image like the one above and submit is via the upload (folder icon) option, after closing the app.

Too late??? Already closed the app? Do not worry just add the distance again manually and send us the distance in an email that was missing. We can make a note in your account to make sure this is included, so no lost efforts.

We are working on improvements to reduce this from happening but please bear with us as we experience extremely high demand.

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